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DRAWthority Sessions

Each session is an hour with a maximum of 12 players. This guarantees one on one instruction and small group play.  This position specific training is catered to the true midfielder and draw specialist.  It combines all the necessary tools you’ll need to be more confident and unpredictable in the center.

Session I: Intermediate

During this first session, players will learn how to put a DRAWthority spin on the basic push/pull techniques.  Players will be introduced to the fundamentals of the draw such as wrist strength, reaction time, and draw sets. All stickwork is creative with a center twist, and will progress depending on the group level. Players will finish the intermediate level equipped with the skill set to enter the advanced session.

Session II: Advanced

Players will learn situational DRAWthority techniques and how to make game-time adjustments. After completing this advanced session, players will have the ability to confidently win the draw in a variety of different ways. Phase ll of the stickwork is designed to be competitive and challenging. Players will leave this session equipped with the skill set to continue their DRAWthority expertise.

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Dana Dobbie puts a spin on the basic draw techniques so you never have to settle for the 50/50 ball. DRAWthority is position-specifc training for midfielders and draw specialist looking to grow their expertise, teaching players the skills they need to dominate the circle and take complete control of the game.

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